SHAKE-HAND bv is, as a specialised supplier of standard machine components, active in the machine and appliance construction industry for more than 30 years.

With the distribution of the products from Elesa+Ganter we can offer the widest range of qualitative control components which are currently on the market.

"When Quality and Service are important"  is our company policy!




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1+1 is more than 2


Elesa and Otto Ganter have been co-operating for more than 30 years to set up a common sales network under the trademark ELESA+GANTER. They offer the widest range of standard machine elements.



After more than 70 years of leadership in the field of producing plastic and metal components for the mechanical engineering industry, Elesa has earned the status of reference point for designers and builders.

More than 20.000 product-specific codes for an annual production of tens of millions of pieces. Elesa is made up of people, machines and technology capable of satisfying and anticipating the demands of a global sector.



Ganter has designed and manufactured standard machine elements for more than 100 years. These element are made of a wide variety of different metallic materials and by applying a unique variety of manufacturing methods and surface treatments. Ganter combines a thorough understanding of the need of mechanical engineers with expertise in the exacting requirements of machine design.